Cheat Features

Project-7 Evolu7ion Framework has unique, revolutionary paste.

csgo project-7

Dynamic ESP

Our ESP is designed to adjust depending on the proximity of you and the target. It is a pinnacle of ergonomic cheat design, because if enemy is far away, the ESP box will be small and unobtrusive.

csgo project-7 cheats


LRCS - Legit Recoil Control System is a learning and aim assist system that relies on your reaction, but shows you where the bullets hit on the target which makes it easier for you to legitimately outaim your opponents.

csgo cheats project-7

Weapon & Grenade ESP

Our cheat will show you all dropped weapons names for you to make sure you are always ready to pick up a next gun and fight. You will also see grenades in mid-air so you know to dodge and evade enemy grenades and flashbangs.